Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Years Eve

I will probably never hear the end of it about forcing "the hubs" to go to a New Year's eve concert. We got a group of adults together and several youth to go the the (M)Pact concert in Nashville. The first 4 hours were awesome. The last hour, we decided, was just not for us.

new years eve-0066 web

These kids were the main reason we went...other than the $20 ticket price!

new years eve-0073 web

Let me tell you about how we have come full circle! Original post 3 years ago we went to a little known concert one weekend. It was full of fun and games and a free hot dog/burger dinner. After dinner there was a message and then a band played. They were good...really good. So good in fact that my youngest (at age 9) wanted their autograph. It might have been the start of our spiritual journey, only we didn't know it. That band? Sidewalk Prophets.

new years eve-0074 web

And they were just as good 3 years later...and yes, he asked for their autograph again. Some day little man, some day!

new years eve-0094 web

This guy was awesome. I'm not sure of his name, but he was an illusionist...a fancy name for "magician". Ha. But he was awesome. I'm sure if I researched it, I would find out how he did this, but it would kill the whole trick. I'd rather just wonder!

new years eve-0098 web

Matthew West. Enough said. Awesome, amazing, priceless. We are all still singing "I am a Child of the One True King!" His testimony brought tears. Worth.every.penny.

new years eve-0098 web

Happy New Year...2+ weeks late!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ohio Ritual

Every time we travel to Ohio, we make a trip to Amish country. There is nothing better than amish swiss cheese. And I'm a cheesehead by birth/blood! So we make the 30 minute drive each visit. I replenish my spices at the Ashery and pick up a wheel or 5 of swiss cheese. I do prefer spring or summer, but I'll go anytime we get a chance!

christmas-0022 web

You know it's a good place to shop when the amish also shop here!

christmas-0024 web

I love the countryside and although it can be hard to stop for pictures along the hilly roads, we went back for this picture. Something just drew it to me. Unfortunately, I cannot decide which version I like better! I love the color, but the vintage also draws me.

christmas-0024 web1

No help around here either. Everyone like both of them. I probably should have asked the cat. :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas travel

I really dislike traveling for the holidays. I know it's "necessary", but an hour into our trip, we had car trouble and sat on the side of the road for 4 hours. It worked out in the end, but I was grateful that my kids were not with us and I did not have to worry about the dangers we were sitting in. Funny how it doesn't seem "as dangerous" when it's just me vs when you throw kids into the mix! It all worked out, but the rest of the trip I worried about it happening again...which I why I hate traveling in the winter.

christmas-0002 web

We went to visit an air museum and the kids were in 7th heaven. Me, not so much. But I tagged along anyway and got some cute shots of them.

christmas-0004 web

Get inside a plane? Heck yeah!

christmas-0005 web

And that smile is why I went!

christmas-0011 web

And this is why I laugh each day!

christmas-0013 web

Please quit growing!

christmas-0015 web

He moved a lever, which moved a flap and the excitement was hilarious!

christmas-0020 web

Again, please quit growing!

christmas-0021 web

I couldn't tell you a thing about this plane that they are restoring, other than it's got a picture that's a cross between Popeye and Olive Oyl! Go figure! All in all, I'm always glad to spend family time together, even if it's not my thing. If you don't show interest in what your kids are in to, you will regret it when they are gone!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas 2013

I didn't take too many pictures over the holidays, but I did get a couple of good ones of my brother and niece.

christmas-0016 web

Cutie pie

christmas-0047 web

She's still leary of me and the camera.

christmas-0048 web

But with some daddy fun, we finally get a smile!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where oh where...

has the last month gone? Between sickness, Christmas, traveling, sickness, New Years, the polar vortex, more sickness and life in general, the last month has just flown by! Right before Christmas I had my last OpLove request of the year. Again, I can't say no. They've given so much and it's such a small thing that I can give back.

homecoming-0024 web

Travis first contacted me from overseas to ask about OpLove.

homecoming-0042 web

I met up with Bekka, his wife, at the hanger, and we spent the next few hours waiting. We were told the flight was delayed an hour, but somehow the winds were with us and they made up some time! There is no way to avoid getting the goosebumps when you hear the words "15 minutes until arrival" and the cheers go up!

homecoming-0048 web

How do you not shed a tear when the plane lands?!

homecoming-0050 web

It seems like forever until the plane taxi's to the staircase.


And forever until they are lined up and the hanger doors open giving you a glimpse of your loved one.

homecoming-0095 color web

And then, in the blink of an eye, you're in his arms and nothing else matters.

homecoming-0118 web

If only for 15 minutes, your loved one is! Welcome Home Soldiers, welcome home!