Thursday, February 20, 2014

For Hire?

I think I'm going to have to hire someone to blog for me! Or else I need to write a daily schedule AND KEEP IT! Or I need to find another 3 hours in the day to complete everything I'm working on! Since none of that's going to happen, my goal is to be a little better at doing it myself. Yeah, we'll see how that works for me! :)

This is what happens when I ask the punks for a few pictures.

kids-0027 web

Photobomber-punk #2...round 1

kids-0013 web

Photobomber-punk #1...round 2

kids-0025 web

The goal is to smile and as momma clicks the shutter, make a funny face. Momma is quicker! ;)

kids-0011 web

Don't mess with momma when she wants her pictures...can you blame me?!

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