Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where oh where...

has the last month gone? Between sickness, Christmas, traveling, sickness, New Years, the polar vortex, more sickness and life in general, the last month has just flown by! Right before Christmas I had my last OpLove request of the year. Again, I can't say no. They've given so much and it's such a small thing that I can give back.

homecoming-0024 web

Travis first contacted me from overseas to ask about OpLove.

homecoming-0042 web

I met up with Bekka, his wife, at the hanger, and we spent the next few hours waiting. We were told the flight was delayed an hour, but somehow the winds were with us and they made up some time! There is no way to avoid getting the goosebumps when you hear the words "15 minutes until arrival" and the cheers go up!

homecoming-0048 web

How do you not shed a tear when the plane lands?!

homecoming-0050 web

It seems like forever until the plane taxi's to the staircase.


And forever until they are lined up and the hanger doors open giving you a glimpse of your loved one.

homecoming-0095 color web

And then, in the blink of an eye, you're in his arms and nothing else matters.

homecoming-0118 web

If only for 15 minutes, your loved one is! Welcome Home Soldiers, welcome home!

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