Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ohio Ritual

Every time we travel to Ohio, we make a trip to Amish country. There is nothing better than amish swiss cheese. And I'm a cheesehead by birth/blood! So we make the 30 minute drive each visit. I replenish my spices at the Ashery and pick up a wheel or 5 of swiss cheese. I do prefer spring or summer, but I'll go anytime we get a chance!

christmas-0022 web

You know it's a good place to shop when the amish also shop here!

christmas-0024 web

I love the countryside and although it can be hard to stop for pictures along the hilly roads, we went back for this picture. Something just drew it to me. Unfortunately, I cannot decide which version I like better! I love the color, but the vintage also draws me.

christmas-0024 web1

No help around here either. Everyone like both of them. I probably should have asked the cat. :)

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