Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Littlest Soldiers

I couldn't help but take a few pictures of the littlest soldiers. They were there for hours waiting patiently. They ran around, played and had fun. I didn't hear too many meltdowns. It's like they all "knew", even the littlest one's that were too little to know. These pictures did.me.in. The one's left at home, keeping the home fires burning, praying for the safe return of their mommy or daddy.

homecoming-0033 web

Knowing how much my boys enjoy fishing with their daddy made me want to cry when I saw this sign! I sure hope they get plenty of fishing done in the next few months!

homecoming-0160 web

"Daddy's home and he'll fix all boo boo's"

homecoming-0025 web

Not the greatest picture because I was across the hanger, but it got me. I could see those hands patiently (and probably not so patiently) praying each night for daddy to return home safely.

DSC_0130 web

Is there anything sweeter? I can sleep now, daddy's home.

homecoming-0106 web

Holy moly. This one did it for me. Those big, brown eyes, safe in daddy's arms.

There were 3 planes this week with almost 600 coming home...that's a lot of fishing dates, tea party dates, and date dates to catch up on! Welcome Home Soldiers!

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