Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The phone call you never want to receive..."You need to get back here asap, your son (from his daddy ;) is going to require stitches." I was on the church van picking up kids for our Wednesday night activities and we were coming through town heading to get another set of kids. After getting dropped off and talking to the Pastor's wife (who's a nurse), we left for the emergency room. I had 2 things going for me...1, I did not witness it and 2, I did not witness all the blood. Had that happened, I might have been more upset. After we sent all the kids back inside, I hugged him and said it was ok to cry. He squeaked out 2 tears, that's it! My tough boy!

DSC_0102 web

2 hours later we were home, with 3 staples and only a minor complaint that they pinched. He was a trooper.

DSC_0103 web

The first thing he did on our return home...put his metal detector to his head to see if it would go off! THAT is my child! :)

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