Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dedication...part 1

Sometimes working at a non-profit is not about work, but about love, hugs and reassurance. It makes me appreciate my family a little more and the "limited" time we get to spend together anymore. My Mother's Day gift was requesting time together. Unfortunately 1 had to work and since we are trying to instill a work ethic for him, I let him slide on that one. But I know it won't be the last one we can't spend together. I just have to appreciate the time we do get together...and the out-of-the-blue hug I'll get every once in awhile. In the meantime, we hiked one of my favorite trails. It's got several waterfalls and several hidden gems along it's mile and a half trail.

DSC_0009 web

My adventurers :)

DSC_0019 web

She was in her element!

DSC_0023 web

They ALL were!

DSC_0025 web

We had so much rain this spring that the water levels were great! There's nothing worse than seeing a waterfall with just a trickle!

DSC_0026 web

Long exposure in daylight is tough without blowing it into just a white image. I took a lot of pictures and threw away a lot of bad ones! Sometimes it's just trial and error!

DSC_0040 web

It was hard to keep them out of my pictures sometimes!

DSC_0044 web

The last picture was on the path. This one was about halfway climbing down and someone spotted a small cave and wanted to investigate! So he was looking for the flashlight.

DSC_0066 web

It's not the easiest climb down, but it was so worth it!

DSC_0126 web

My little creature catcher!

DSC_0133 web

Another falls

DSC_0163 web

Not sure if these are just growing on the tree or if it's because of all the extra rain we've had? Maybe both?

DSC_0164 web

It was the only tree that I saw like that. Weird.

DSC_0180 web

These are great swimming holes...too bad the water was still freezing...although the dog did not care!

DSC_0196 web

Safety is a key to safe hiking. It amazes me that there are no barriers. You would not find that in a lot of parks. Appreciate nature and the forces around you and you can coexist...and for heavens sake, use some common sense. Unfortunately there's been several falls in recent weeks at local waterfalls and I guarantee you most of them were from carelessness.

DSC_0209 web

When you close your eyes and listen...those are the same waters that were running 2000 years ago. God's canvas is simply amazing. We really need to appreciate it more.

DSC_0212 web

For as much as she is not my dog, she would always come back to check on me to make sure I was ok.

DSC_0243 web

The end of the trail yields a massive opening of fallen rock. Not really a cave, but a massive opening. Unfortunately to get back to where we started, we had to take the path that basically climbs to the top of it.

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