Sunday, March 10, 2013

Black and white

I love a good black and white. I like to study them and see if I can duplicate the settings when I see a good one. (It never comes out the same though...) But that's because every picture is different. Different lighting, different settings, etc. And I prefer to do a black and white on a single subject vs 2 of them. It's more dramatic when it's just a single subject. But I was playing around and thought I'd share a few examples.

DSC_0007 web2

This is my favorite. I think because of the lightness.

DSC_0007 web2

A little darker and a little different color.

DSC_0007 web3

This one is definitely not my favorite...but...there's something about it that I like. It seems to have a 40-50's type style. Again, if it was just a picture of Maison, sorta smiling, it would be more dramatic. Sometimes it's tough to decide.

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