Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy day, pt 2

DSC_0030 web

I love this barn. I've photographed it in the sunshine, rain, fog and now snow. I love it in all seasons!

DSC_0036 web

More double sunflare.

DSC_0039 web

Garrison creek... kids favorite fishing hole!

DSC_0045 web

These barns just touch my heart.

DSC_0054 web

Bugscuffle joke. :) 1 lane bridge over the creek. I had to stop quick, get was icy...go to the back of the car to take the picture, and then navigate back to the car before the car behind me caught up. Hence the reason I wasn't in the center of the bridge.

I really enjoyed my morning with the punk. I learn a lot from him! :)

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