Thursday, January 24, 2013


I don't make resolutions. Period. I used to, but then decided it was just too much pressure and I would become disappointed with myself when I broke them...because you know it happened. Every.single.year. I finally decided to take the pressure off and "make goals" each year. Some years I meet them and some years I don't. But I can continue to work on them, even if I haven't finished them.

Last year my goal was to organize my pictures, because I have A LOT of them. I haven't finished working on it, but I keep plugging away and I will eventually finish. With no pressure. So this year my goal is to continue to keep working away and maybe, just maybe, it'll happen.

I did make 1 resolution this year that I am going to work hard at keeping. And that is to get in more pictures. I'm not comfortable doing it. I like being the one in control. (Go figure :) But in organizing my pictures, I have noticed that my kids won't have many with me in them. Kinda like how I say I don't have many pictures of my parents. My youngest gave me a beautiful picture frame for Christmas and said he wanted a picture of the 2 of us in it. So he started bugging me for the picture. (Leave it to a 12 year old to make sure you keep your promises!) I still "set up" the shot...right lighting, right angle, etc...He didn't care. Turns out, these are some of my favorites!

DSC_0002 web

Testing the light...lovely

DSC_0005 web


DSC_0008 web

Love more! :)

Get in pictures with your kids! They love you for who you are, not for what you think you look like! You won't regret it years from now when you're looking back.

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