Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!

We celebrated yesterday...well, we celebrated all weekend. Starting Saturday morning with a local Hero's breakfast, followed by the parade Saturday night. The kids volunteered with me as part of Habitat to serve during the breakfast. Afterwards, we had to stop at the store for dog/cat food. Going in, there was a Veteran handing out poppies and he gave us 3. I don't typically carry cash, but happened to have some that day. Coming out of the store, we stopped and asked him if he took donations. He said always, so I gave him the cash I had. He also noticed our Habitat shirts and it turns out he was also at the Hero's breakfast. Walking away, Hunter told me he gave him his money too. I told him I was very proud of him for giving him his quarters...because he had shown me his Wisconsin quarter earlier in the day. He said "No, I gave him my dollar." They make me so proud.

The whole weekend was beautiful and daddy made plans to take his boys down the river after church. I think we need to start passing out tissues as everyone enters church from now on, because there wasn't a dry eye in that place by the time we left. We are so blessed to be a part of it. We were also blessed to hug each and every Veteran before leaving. It was awesome.

After packing their lunch, we set off. We dropped the kids and the boat and drove over to the pullout spot to leave the truck. All of an 8 minute drive, takes 3 hours on a boat. That still amazes me. Unfortunately, I had left my SD card in the computer, so all I have is a yucky cellphone picture. (Even though I have extras, I am buying more to keep several in my bag/purse while they are super cheap on black Friday!) But boy, what a great picture. One I will treasure along with daddy. I'm so glad they had such a wonderful day!

silverscreen web

2012-11-11_13-28-50_224 web

From the bridge as I was leaving. I was also given "orders" from a child to go get the ingredients of daddy's favorite that was my mission as they embarked on their mission! :)

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