Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After our division performance, we decided to skip the next 4 bands and go get some dinner. We had about 2 hours and wanted to be back to see the last 4 "big" bands before ending with the awards ceremony. Vandy is on the west side of Nashville and very close to Centennial Park. (We were parked right across the street from it in Wendy's parking lot.) And much to our surprise, there was a huge craft festival going on.

I have wanted to come to this park for a long time, but have just never done it. The Parthenon is located here and it's a great place to explore. Unfortunately it was closed for a private event, but we walked around and got some good pictures. We'll come back another day and explore.

DSC_0004 web

We couldn't have asked for a prettier day!

DSC_0006 web

It is an exact replica...and is huge!

DSC_0010 web

DSC_0013 web

I wish I had taken a small detour as we were leaving that night to capture a "night" shot of it all lit up. But I would have needed a tripod...guess I'll have to go back!

DSC_0017 web

Tightrope walking the "police tape"...and of course I heard "I wanna do that!" :)

DSC_0024 web

DSC_0027 web

I "snuck" this picture. He was on the phone and still drawing. I'm still confused as to the drawing of Lincoln. When I saw him from a distance, I expected to see a side view of the Parthenon and the field in front of him, but drawing Lincoln is from memory, because there was no statue of Lincoln anywhere in the area.

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