Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Craft Fair part 2

Day 2 started much the same as day 1...except that I woke up every hour on the hour until I finally got up way too early! :) And punk #1 wanted to come with me. I warned him it would probably be 4am...after he had competition the night before, he said he wanted to come help. Day 1 was really long...after working up at church for umpteen hours, I went and worked a booth for 6 bed (and sore), by 8pm, I wanted day 2 to be just as awesome as day 1...and it was.

DSC_0032 web

It was a chilly walk for him...I was comfy in my capri's and sandals! ;)

DSC_0035 web1

He was even an apprentice under Bob, "the eggman" for a while! This picture just makes me smile!

DSC_0057 web

Meanwhile, punk #2 snagged a booth job for a while selling kettle he checks out the competition!

DSC_0059 web

It was still early on Sunday morning!

DSC_0127 web1

Amazing Grace never sounded so amazing!

DSC_0100 web1

How many churches have you seen the 10 Commandments prominently displayed on the front of their building?!

DSC_0073 web1

Great crowd! I love how we all stood out in our shirts!

DSC_0095 web1

It was an AMAZING weekend. If you weren't "touched" or "blessed" by some part of are in the wrong place!

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