Sunday, October 14, 2012


Marching band competition continues. Last week it was in the cold/rain and we came in 4th. A lot of different bands and band sizes. Yesterday was competition #3 and all of us went. We didn't play until 630pm and awards were at 730pm, so we didn't lose the whole day sitting around waiting. Plus we were able to watch all 4 bands in our division.

We are ranked as a 5A size band, one of the larger "small" bands. (And the largest in our group of 4.) We have 83 kids and of those, approx 35 are freshman and 8-8th graders. Pretty amazing to have such a "young" band.

DSC_0002 web

These kids have worked so hard and it's paying off...and they're getting great upper body strength when they have to do pushups when they're screwing around! :)

DSC_0027 web


DSC_0019 web

Their new uniforms really look awesome

DSC_0022 web

Finale...Hard work pays off. As we wait for the final trophy...

DSC_0032 web

We took home: Best in Class awards (based on size): Color Guard-1st, Percussion- 2nd, Field Commander-1st, Best in Class for Band-1st, Best of the Best (against all the bands): Color Guard-1st, Field Commander-1st, Division I Champion-Band

DSC_0036 web

Middle Tennessee Small Band Grand Champion!!

DSC_0037 web

Congratulations Cascade truly are Champions!

p.s. The trophy was so tall that they had to open the ceiling vent on the bus! I really need to go take a picture of their trophy walls. Yes, I said walls! For a 13 year old band program, that is self funded (NO school money received), they truly are amazing.

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