Sunday, September 30, 2012

Congratulations Cascade!

We had our first band competition yesterday. They've been preparing for this since band camp started in July. Vanderbilt Marching Invitational. Maison's been excited for weeks and actually injured his foot last Wednesday...there were tears and fears that he wouldn't be able to preform. But after calming him down, icing it and taking some Tylenol, he pulled through. :)

We didn't plan on arriving until about an hour prior, taking a dinner break and then watching the last 4 "big" bands and finally the awards ceremony. By the time we found a spot to park "near" Vandy's stadium, walked up the 1/4 mile hill, bought our tickets and found our seats, we had 30 minutes to spare.

DSC_0003 web

We were up first in our division and played well. I noticed a few errors, but unless you're looking, you really wouldn't notice. (Although I did hear one of the drummers fell and I did miss that.) There is so much going on, that it's really hard to pay attention to everything! We were the largest of the 4 bands in our division. You are not permitted to take pictures or video...of course I had to "sneak" a phone picture! HA!

band web

After leaving to get dinner and walk around The Parthenon for a bit, we returned to watch the last 4 "big" bands. 1 from down the road in Smyrna, 2 from somewhere in TN (haven't figured out where) and 1 from outside Dayton, Ohio, we were ready to finish up with the awards.

DSC_0031 web

(I did pull my camera out for this picture.) Our band reps are 3rd from the left and you can see the big trophy in front of them! We pulled a Superior for band, Superior for Drum Majors and Superior for Color Guard and won Grand Champion for small band division!! We ALSO won the Chancellor's award, which they've never won before! What makes this win so special is that this is the largest band we've ever had. On top of that, out of 83 members, 43 of them are freshman and 8th grade! That's pretty amazing! Well done Cascade! Now, off to the next competition next weekend!

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