Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This post saddens me. Instead of beautiful pictures of my cute kid, in sweet sunlight, I write about bullies. School's out for the horse show and I guess that gives kids a right to do what they want. Wrong. I happened to be doing dishes and straightening up when I noticed Hunter coming home on his bike from a friends. I also noticed a black truck in the middle of the intersection, which happens a lot because the street signs have been stolen...again. I saw Hunter slow to a stop and then the truck peel out and Hunter came into the yard. Not thinking anything of it, I went back to cleaning. He came in seconds later, crying. He said the boys called him names, (they were bad) and peeled out. My heart aches for him...for what he heard, and probably doesn't even know what it means. I am sad that he witnessed this anywhere, much less this small town. Unfortunately for these punks, it's IS a small town, they WERE driving a recognizable truck (black low rider with shiny/chrome rims), and one of the little darlings has an unusual name. D'OH! So, come on back boys, let's have a talk!

DSC_0001 web


DSC_0006 web

Never pass up an opportunity to photograph some sweet evening sunlight!

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