Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer pt 1

Summer is (sorta) flying by! Hard to believe school starts in 1 month! These hot temps are making it hard to be outside, but we're trying to make some fun memories with the punks. :)

The 3 of us drove up to the lake a few weeks ago, before the temps took off and it was just beautiful. I'm glad they can enjoy the carefree summer days and have plenty of memories as they grow (too fast) up!

DSC_0031-2 web

DSC_0008 web

DSC_0002 web

Stick bass! ...thanks for snagging that Hunter!

DSC_0066 web

He's got great style!

DSC_0112 web


DSC_0114 web

Say wha??

DSC_0115 web

Oh, smile? Ok!

DSC_0117 web

He cracks me up too!

DSC_0038 web

His snarky, "I don't want my picture taken" look...I didn't listen and did it anyway! :) The picture looks so funny because he's so "not tan" in it...he's so dark now from swimming, it's funny!

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