Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer ends

Not really, but it's getting close. But with less than 2 weeks to go, band camp has started. Boy does that bring back memories! Although I KNOW we didn't have camp from 8am-9pm, which is what they had yesterday and again Thursday and Friday. I am thankful I only have to be up there from 6-9pm, but it's still warm. And to "help" punk #1, I bought him a camelpack to wear, so he wasn't so cranky. Oh who am I kidding, it didn't keep him from being cranky! ;)

DSC_0096 web

2nd row from the right, 4th person in...wearing 95+ heat...and you wonder why I just shake my head!

DSC_0101 web

Almost directly center (remember all black), right in front of the big tuba.

Yesterday was their first "full/late" practice and I have to say I was rather impressed with all of them. There are 8 8th graders plus all the new freshmen and between 6-9pm, they learned a good portion of their program. I'm excited to see it continue to develop over the week with the finale performance Saturday night for family & friends.

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