Sunday, July 15, 2012


The "boys" have put out noodles on the river in the "hopes" of catching fish. This is NOT noodling where you put your hand in a hole, fishing with your hand. (I don't see THAT ever happening!) But they cut up swimming noodles into 1 ft sections, attach some wire, thin rope and a hook and float them in the river. (They tried doing them on the lake, but apparently there's no "honor" on the lake, as they were vandalized and one had something "left" on the hook...nice lesson for a child to learn.) :( But so far so good on the river. Not much luck so far, but this was their first/only catch from the other day!

When I asked "who" caught it, punk #2 said he did...imagine that! But I did hear that he had quite a fight on his hands pulling that line up, so I guess he did earn it. :)

DSC_0290 web

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