Thursday, July 26, 2012


My little negotiator was hard at work this week. "If you take me to the creek mama, I'll "let" you take pictures." Hmmm, imagine that. Unfortunately for him, #1, I will only take pictures toward sunset and #2, this has been a really busy week for me. So he's been pretty bummed that I wouldn't go in the middle of the know, when it's 95 freakin degrees outside WITHOUT the the shade! It was still quite warm last night at sundown. But I was able to get him to hold still for a few minutes!

DSC_0131 web

DSC_0132 web

DSC_0118 web

DSC_0107 web1

The light when we arrived. (Still about 10 minutes too bright, or if he wasn't so anxious to start fishing, I would have moved him a hair back into the open shade.)

DSC_0141 web

The light when we left. A touch too dark without a reflector. Guess I can't have everything. ;)

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