Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat wave

With temperatures above 100 for the last 10+ days, we've only been going to the lake late in the day. When we left at 5:30pm, it was STILL 103 degrees. But shortly after we got down there, it started cooling. As we pulled on the lake shore, I snapped this with my tournament about to start, so they were all lined up. (By the way...all the land you supposed to be underwater! That's why we are in a severe drought...and why we can drive right out onto the lake bed.) :(

DSC_0001 web

Ready, set...

DSC_0004 web


DSC_0002 web

Heading out to "ride" the waves.

DSC_0005 web

DSC_0009 web

Giving the girls a ride.

DSC_0007 web

Beautiful sunset to end the (hot) day!

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