Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend with crazy

It was RC Cola/Moon Pie festival weekend. It was crazy here in town and I thank the "big kid" for running out of gas mowing the lawn and making me drive over the the gas station to get some more (before he skipped town and headed to the lake)! NIGHTMARE and stupid people. For some reason they have a hard time realizing the roads in town ARE STILL ROADS, they are not blocked off nor closed. So they will randomly just walk out in front of a car (that's going slow thank goodness) and then look at you like YOU'RE the stupid one. But it's nothing new, so we live with it. The kids parked cars for the youth all day and Hunter took a break to ride in the parade. I didn't take many pictures, but I got a couple while we were waiting.


Look, it's Wendy with my cutie!


Hi Abe! (He really looks like someone I know (it's the eyes), but I don't know who! How's that for an oxymoron?!)

We decided to head to the lake for a few hours after the craziness. I'm not a lake person (to swim...and the lake is so low, we REALLY need rain...and a lot of it), so I sat on shore and took pictures. Worked for me. We have crazy neighbors (well she's crazy, he's pretty normal), but they've been MIA for about a month. Before they took off, he gave us permission to use the boats. WIN! You've never seen 3 boys so happy! But seriously, if you're not going to use them, we certainly will!


Where oh where has the last 14+ years gone? He's so grownup...with adolescent attitude from time to time! :)


What's wrong with this picture?! ;)


Oh what a lovely sunset. And I watched those guys unload that canoe a few hours earlier...they must have went around the whole lake...I'd be whooped. But it sure makes the picture.

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