Saturday, June 30, 2012

How I got my child to wash his own mouth out!

Seriously, probably the funniest thing to ever happen. I started making my own laundry soap. After reading several articles about homemade laundry soap and the cleaning comparisons between name brand soap and homemade, I tried it. I spent $10 (including the 5 gallon bucket) on supplies and I love it. My first batch lasted 2 months, so I had to finally make another...and I've got enough ingredients left to make at least 3 more 5 gallon buckets! All for $10!

So, back to the kid. He stumbled into the kitchen at the most unfortunate time...well, for him at least. I had just finished shredding my soap. It looked purdy...and smelled like soap.

DSC_0020 web

But my poor little innocent He asked me what I was doing...seriously, do you not smell soap? (I only thought that, I did not say it out loud.) No? Well, then I'm shredding creme curls. He asked me if they were good. (I'm sorry, but the horns appeared and I could not stop myself.) I said they were creme curls, of course they were good. Can I help he's a little naive? Especially when he fell for the unsweetened cocoa would think he'd KNOW not to trust his momma! ;) So he took one and popped it in his mouth! (Can you imagine the handful he probably would have grabbed had I said it was white chocolate?!) I really don't know who was more for not really believing he'd do it or him for believing me...again! ;) And the first thing out of his mouth...afterwards...I need to get a piece for Maison and get him to try it. Always thinking ahead. Priceless.

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