Saturday, June 30, 2012

How I got my child to wash his own mouth out!

Seriously, probably the funniest thing to ever happen. I started making my own laundry soap. After reading several articles about homemade laundry soap and the cleaning comparisons between name brand soap and homemade, I tried it. I spent $10 (including the 5 gallon bucket) on supplies and I love it. My first batch lasted 2 months, so I had to finally make another...and I've got enough ingredients left to make at least 3 more 5 gallon buckets! All for $10!

So, back to the kid. He stumbled into the kitchen at the most unfortunate time...well, for him at least. I had just finished shredding my soap. It looked purdy...and smelled like soap.

DSC_0020 web

But my poor little innocent He asked me what I was doing...seriously, do you not smell soap? (I only thought that, I did not say it out loud.) No? Well, then I'm shredding creme curls. He asked me if they were good. (I'm sorry, but the horns appeared and I could not stop myself.) I said they were creme curls, of course they were good. Can I help he's a little naive? Especially when he fell for the unsweetened cocoa would think he'd KNOW not to trust his momma! ;) So he took one and popped it in his mouth! (Can you imagine the handful he probably would have grabbed had I said it was white chocolate?!) I really don't know who was more for not really believing he'd do it or him for believing me...again! ;) And the first thing out of his mouth...afterwards...I need to get a piece for Maison and get him to try it. Always thinking ahead. Priceless.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer fun

The punks are back home...and I was actually starting to miss them. ;) They were home about 30 minutes before they talked daddy into heading to the lake to swim for a bit. They better hurry, before the lake dries up. Sad, but true. I took these last week and the lake is down so far that we drove out onto the sand to park. And from where I took the pictures, there's probably 20+ feet until you get to the water. We need rain. Bad. But, until then, they will swim, fish and putz around the lake, having fun.

DSC_0046 web

Notice the crane flying by!

DSC_0048 web

Crazy kids!

DSC_0047 web

DSC_0052 web

Time to head back.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

25/52 Captured from above

This little girl has captured our hearts...she will test your patience, but she will always smile for me!

25-52 Captured from above

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday my brother...who turned 40 yesterday. We celebrated Saturday with family and a few friends. Laid back and chilling at the lake. Although we almost sank the pontoon at the end of the night...we're still not sure how we managed to pull off a "stoppie" on a pontoon, but I had the baby (in a life vest) and was in the back, so we were going down last! :) These 2 pictures just crack me up. The conversation went like this...Hunter: I really want to knock Uncle Brett into the water. Uncle Brett: Bring it big boy. Hunter: Ok...Hunter was not going down without a fight (or both of them going in) and he made it work. I think he said "told ya" as he came up laughing. He cracks me up!

DSC_0142 web

DSC_0143 web

Saturday, June 23, 2012

24/52 Pastel

As we head north to the lake for a birthday, I hope I can find another lovely sunset this weekend.

24/52 Pastel

Friday, June 22, 2012

23/52 Delicate/Solo

I will always love this picture. So glad it fits my delicate or solo week.

23/52 Delicate or Solo

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weed beauty

Another one from the lake...I need to remember this.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

22/52 Blur/Bokeh

Pictures taken, but catching up on labeling them.

22/52 Blur/Bokeh

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend with crazy

It was RC Cola/Moon Pie festival weekend. It was crazy here in town and I thank the "big kid" for running out of gas mowing the lawn and making me drive over the the gas station to get some more (before he skipped town and headed to the lake)! NIGHTMARE and stupid people. For some reason they have a hard time realizing the roads in town ARE STILL ROADS, they are not blocked off nor closed. So they will randomly just walk out in front of a car (that's going slow thank goodness) and then look at you like YOU'RE the stupid one. But it's nothing new, so we live with it. The kids parked cars for the youth all day and Hunter took a break to ride in the parade. I didn't take many pictures, but I got a couple while we were waiting.


Look, it's Wendy with my cutie!


Hi Abe! (He really looks like someone I know (it's the eyes), but I don't know who! How's that for an oxymoron?!)

We decided to head to the lake for a few hours after the craziness. I'm not a lake person (to swim...and the lake is so low, we REALLY need rain...and a lot of it), so I sat on shore and took pictures. Worked for me. We have crazy neighbors (well she's crazy, he's pretty normal), but they've been MIA for about a month. Before they took off, he gave us permission to use the boats. WIN! You've never seen 3 boys so happy! But seriously, if you're not going to use them, we certainly will!


Where oh where has the last 14+ years gone? He's so grownup...with adolescent attitude from time to time! :)


What's wrong with this picture?! ;)


Oh what a lovely sunset. And I watched those guys unload that canoe a few hours earlier...they must have went around the whole lake...I'd be whooped. But it sure makes the picture.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Each year I think about all the pictures I've ever taken, trying to will one to come to mind as a tribute to the daddy of my boys...and this year this one was The One for some weird reason. I'm not sure why this is the picture that came to mind (there are many better ones, but I do love this one, with my little nakey boy.) Taken back in 2002 with film (through a dirty/kid printed storm door), I somehow scanned it in long ago and found it on one of my many hard drives (that I really need to organize!)...put a sweet frame around it and bingo...just what I was thinking about. Funny how your brain know what you're looking for before you do! :)

father day 2012 web

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let's hike!

We've got a new youth group starting up at church and everyone's excited about it. They planned a short hike on Sunday and we decided to tag along. We've hiked this spot before, but haven't been back in a few was fun to see it from the kids perspective...and realize most have them have never done anything like this before.

DSC_0001 web

Head count

DSC_0010 web

The "stairs" are no fun!

DSC_0061 web

A great group of kids!

DSC_0076 web

DSC_0082 web

God's handy work is just amazing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Bella and her big sisters...part 2

Seriously, how sweet is she?! We didn't have too much time as she decided she wasn't into pictures, but we still got some good ones. Part of taking newborn pictures is knowing when to say when...either finish with what you have or reschedule. You're on their timeline!

DSC_0063 web

DSC_0064 web

I LOVE this one!

DSC_0077 web

DSC_0080 web

DSC_0083 web

DSC_0084 web

DSC_0085 web

Just about at the end...she wanted nothing to do with me or a camera once she was awake!

DSC_0087 web

But not before I caught this little gem!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Bella and her big sisters...part 1

We had nothing formal planned, just some baby pictures of sweet 3 week old Bella. While walking around the yard, I snapped some fun pictures of her big sisters. I love capturing more candid, playful and

DSC_0001 web1

A complete save...I loved this picture, but there were distractions, so I removed them so the focus was on the girls. I just wish I could decide which black and white I preferred. (I might do a before/after at some point) :)

DSC_0001 web2

DSC_0012 web

Heading over to the raspberry bushes

DSC_0026 web

DSC_0037 web

I just love this...probably one of my favorites of all the pictures I've ever taken! "Sneaking" a raspberry while I hid behind a tree taking her picture.

DSC_0042 web1

So expressive

DSC_0043 web

Oh o....

DSC_0047 web

DSC_0049 web

We didn't want "cheezy" smiles, so we just told her to stand by the tree...

DSC_0051 web

But she wanted to pose cute.

DSC_0061 web

And one of Bella...more on her tomorrow!

Friday, June 8, 2012

21/52 Muted and/or Temptation

It works for both...the temptation was just too great, he had to jump. And he's so expressive and comical when he jumps, that you can't help but laugh. I love the muted editing because when taken in full sun, sometimes the harsh shadows can overpower a photo. I love this one.

21/52 temptation-muted

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birth announcement

I had a cute template that I threw together...


announcement front


announcement back

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alexandria-part 2





Such a sweetie...can't wait for my next round of pictures with baby #2! Hopefully scheduling sometime in the next day or so!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alexandria-part 1

Finally finished'll be hard to pick a favorite! She was so alert and sweet for just a week old.


Big sister