Friday, May 25, 2012

River fun

We spent a few hours hanging out at a popular spot. It's a spot I will always remember, because this is where I dropped them off and then this accident happened. But we can't always avoid scary memories and must move forward, so we went and hung out. The river is much lower (we're in a drought again), but there's still lots of snakes, so I don't go as much! ;) And while we were there, I scared 1 out of the walking path where we were all cutting across the water. (I held in a screech for the kids sake! Blehhh, they give me the creeps!


This one wanted to fish...imagine that! (Daddy looks like he's got something devious on his mind!


Don't let the nice water fool you, it was freezing! Although that shocked me, since we had such a warm winter and it's been rather hot the last 2 months! (And apparently the cold water doesn't affect the snakes either. )


I was rather impressed. They caught several in the same area the other kids were playing.


I only had a short lens with me, so I couldn't get this guy while he was fishing, but I did see him snag one out of the water!


Cutie pie wanted her picture taken.


Such a beautiful area, but I just wish it wasn't so snakey! I should have taken a picture of all the kayaks and small boats lining up to "float" the river. But weather was moving in and it was time to pack up and head out. We don't play when there's thunder/lightening around!

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