Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6/52 "Chaos"

I'm still playing catch up on my weeks, but hopefully I'll get this weeks picture done on time...I can hope at least. I think this one qualifies as "chaos" as he was wearing my pink jacket, his Packer's hat and black gloves. The conversation went something like this... 11 yr old: Is that a North Face jacket? (My name brand kid) Me: No, it's from Kohls. 11yr old: it looks like a North Face jacket. Me: It's not, but it's really want to wear it? 11 yr old: Heck yea! Me: It's pink, are you sure? 11yr old: I don't care, it's fuzzy and warm. Me: glad my kids are not afraid to go with the flow. :)

6/52 "chaos"

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