Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adventures in life

We had to go to the "big city" yesterday to exchange a jacket. It meant crossing 2 counties because I had tried the closer store, which was still 45 minutes away, but it's closing and there stock was very limited. Plus it's hard to buy something for someone else, that really needs to try it on...which meant I had to take HIM with me. I should know better. Well, I do, but he still had to try it on, which meant I HAD to take him along! After being followed around the store by "secret shoppers" watching to make sure we didn't steal anything, we were sorta accosted by someone looking for a light the wacky tobacky he showed us! :o Geez, the crazy things that happen to us. We exchanged our item and headed back to the country...the big city is just not for us! :)


This little barn caught my attention as we passed it. I made a note to stop on our way back home.


I have always wanted to stop by Arrington to walk around. I had to settle for a quick stop/picture on a rainy day.


Picnic with a view...and a wine tasting! I'll be back! :)

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