Saturday, January 14, 2012


I made it! I finished my 2nd challenge of the year...and it was tough. Only because it was a yucky, nasty week and we haven't been able to get outside. Plus I've been working on taxes, as my appointment is Monday! But the sun finally made an appearance late yesterday and I bribed a kid! :) Although after I made fun of them before they left for school, I'm surprise he didn't hold a grudge! :p (Every county around us was shut down yesterday...punk #1 sits down to watch for the closing map on the news...that I had already seen ;) ...and when the map shows us and only 1 other county going to school, he says "really"?? was the highlight of my day! I even waved from the window as they got on the bus. (It wasn't appreciated, but I was ok with that!) But he cooperated and I completed my mission! :)


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