Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm debating starting a 52/365 photo project. I'm not good with keeping a schedule and "knowing" I've "got" to take certain pictures each week. Since this weeks was "anything we wanted", I guess this qualifies. And since the little darlings don't go back to school until THURSDAY (thank you school board...insert sarcasm)...we went fishing. Well, let's correct that...I was bugged until I gave in and took him fishing. Umm, hello, little dude, IT'S FREEZING OUTSIDE. But, I sucked it up and took him because he's been dying to try out his new "Banjo" lures that he bought with a gift card. I tried to tell them they were a gimmick...as did several others, but it's what he wanted and guess what, he's got to learn that not everything you see on tv works. :) I'm going to like this little experiment! Funny though...I'm thinking he's going to prove all of us wrong, just because that's the kind of kid he is! Time will tell...WHEN IT WARMS UP! Even the fish were like...dude, it's too cold to chase anything, what's wrong with you?! ;)


The river really was that color...I've never seen it like that before.


I love sunflare!


Don't let the pretty day fool you, it was freezing out! And he only lasted 20 minutes before saying it was too cold. But I took him, that's all that matters! :)

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