Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Sunday drive

I had heard of "the church on the hill" in our area. I had seen a few pictures and Sunday was just the day to go find it. After losing the $100, (see previous post) it was just our day to go exploring. We didn't want to go far, but we needed some "us" time. The New Hope Chapel was just the ticket. What an amazing view that congregation gets to see when they worship.



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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My God moment...

I thought I'd have a nice, peaceful week, after getting rid of the kids for the week. I've come to accept our horse show break. I don't really like it, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I just have to suck it up. (We start school at the begining of August, go for 2 1/2 weeks and then get out for 11 days thru Labor Day weekend for our local horse how.) It really stinks because you just get back into a routine and then they're out again. Oh well. This year the kids went to visit their uncle and hang out at the lake.

Boy, I got way off track! :) After dropping them off, I realized I was missing some money ($100) from my pocket. Then figured it was just on my nightstand (or the bookshelf where my receipts from the night before were) and I would get it when I got home. But once I got home and could not find it, I realized I must have lost it. Then honey comes home and says someone was in the house while I was gone and while I would hope it wouldn't ever happen, the opportunity "to snag" it was there and it could of happened. I was beyond upset. Upset at myself for either 1) losing it or 2) leaving it out and giving someone the chance to snag it. I called the one store that I stopped at and asked if someone had turned it in. (Really, what are the odds?!) Of course their answer was no, but they took my name and number "just in case." I slept on it and was still upset the next day. So, I went to church and prayed on it. Prayed for forgiveness for myself for losing it and praying for the person that could have taken it.

I decided to leave it in God's hands and what will be, will be. We had a nice Sunday. The weather was beautiful and we took a nice drive. I had heard of this church on a hill somewhere near here, so we went in search of it. (I'll post those pictures tomorrow.) Later in the day, we took a walk around town and the lighting was beautiful. So since Sunday nights are dead in town, I drove back down to take a picture. And right where I parked, I noticed a $1 bill. It was pretty beat up, but I had to laugh. And then I looked over a few feet and saw a crisp $5! (There is no one around that it would belong too. I am the only one around.) God's sense of humor! Was this the "change" left from the $100 that "might have" been snagged from me or just God's sense of humor? I laughed about it because I still didn't want to believe someone would have taken it. (And I would never know because I would never confront the person.) Fast forward to this morning...Tuesday...I'm doing some work and the phone rings. Caller I.D. identifies the caller as Kroger...the grocery store I could have lost it at. Answering the phone, I am told that they found my $100! So maybe the $6 was "interest" while God "borrowed" my $100 for a few days? I don't know, but I couldn't have made up that ending for anything!

UPDATE: It was a couple weeks before we were back in church due to some traveling, but I gave God back his $6! :)


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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Just a quick snapshot of the birthday girl. It was
a ho hum picture, until I turned it black and white...
wowza...I love how it turned out! Such emotion in her


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Anniversary #16

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. It's been
a rough year, but we are surviving it. We should of known
when we got married with a hurricane swirling off the
island, that God was going to keep us on our toes! For as
tough as some days are, the good days way outnumber the
bad ones! And on that day 26 years ago when I first met
you in the church basement, I knew, God gave me you! ♥

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A fish tale...

We spent a few days visiting long distance family
at the lake, before school started. Interesting
visit! Our last day and I had planned on leaving
early, so that we could get home and go "meet the
teachers" before school started Monday. Both kids said
it was ok, they wanted to stay longer. Maison knew who
his teacher was anyway, so it was only Hunter that didn't
know. He's so laid back, that he said he'd just see her
Monday. Alrighty then.

So Hunter went down to the lake to fish. And fish, and
fish...he was down there 3 hours! And from 10am-1pm at
that. And as most people (fishermen) know, that's not
a very active fish time. But his patience won out as I
saw him hoist this fish onto the dock...and it looked
like a good size from the distance I was at. He ran and
got the big cooler sitting down there, chucked the fish
in and then ran back/forth and filled it with water. All
we could do is laugh and watch in amazement! UNTIL...he
tried carting it up the hill! And such a steep hill it is!
So his brother went to help was on wheels at least.
They finally got it up on the deck and you could see how
proud he was of that cat! He said it broke his line 3 times!
I asked him how he caught it though...(typically one of us
has to tie the hook knots)...he says "Momma, I tied a MONSTER
knot!" And there you have it! "And once I had him hooked the
last time, I just started pulling the line in by hand!" That
kid just amazes me! He was not letting it get away again!

So he says he's taking it home...I said I didn't think so.
So his uncle says "Do you want to see how to clean it?" Well
of course he does. Yay for me. He says he's going to take
it home and eat it...I said "No, just leave it here for your
uncle to eat, because I don't even know how to cook it." (I'm
not a big catfish eater...I've had bad/muddy tasting catfish
and can live without it. So he gets instructions on how to
cook it from his Nanny and runs into the house and says...
"Uncle Brett, I'm taking the fish home to eat it, YOU can go
catch your own!" Hahaha...Priceless! So we took it home and
he floured it, added salt/pepper and fried it up.
And would you know, it was the best catfish I have ever had!
Good job Bubba, good job!


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More flowers

I miss having lots of flowers growing around
the house. It's just not something I could get into
this year. But I have enjoyed going on walks with
the kids and we always walk by a house that has
lots of them growing along their fence line. So I
went and took a bunch the other day. So pretty!


I really need to go back later in the afternoon,
because these were taken right at midday and the sun
is so much brighter and the shadows more harsh.






These last 2 were was taken when it was a hair too
dark. There's more "noise" and the image is "softer"...
and I know to most people they look fine, but I'm just
too darn picky! ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Memory

8 years ago this month, the week we were moving to TN,
we lost a dear friend/neighbor to a terrible disease. He
had these flowers growing in his yard and he HATED them!
Every spring they would pop up and he'd dig his yard up,
trying to get rid of them. And every August, they would
return, almost as if to say "nana, nana, boo boo, you
can't get rid of us" after we moved here, I saw
them pop up and it was a great memory. Several years
later when I noticed them again, I found out they were
called Resurrection Lilies...and boy did I laugh. For
as much as he tried digging them up, God always prevailed!
What a lesson...and he's up in heaven just having a fit,
because they're blooming again! Thanks for the memories


Monday, August 22, 2011

2 posts in 1 day

I haven't posted much in the last 2 weeks because
I've been fighting a computer problem that's been
crashing this site. I narrowed it down to my Adobe
flash player and when you disable that, most things
don't work. And even now as I type this, my print is
about double it's size and I have no idea why. I have
adjusted the type and also the zoom. I won't complain
though because I HAVE FIXED (knock wood) my flash
problem and everything seems to be working right...
except the type problem, but I can live with that for
now as long as everything else is working.


A crazy looking flower for a crazy 2 weeks!

Sunday Drive

We took a short drive last night as the sun
was setting. The air was out at home and it was
a nice reprieve, even if it was a warm breeze.




Same cloud, but several minutes later and several
miles closer. Amazing how quickly it changes!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Eyes | I ♥ Faces

I don't enter too many challenges, but I will have
to say, my boys have some beautiful eyes. And yes, I
will take some credit for those! So, go check out the
I ♥ Faces challenge this week to see all the
beautiful submissions. And don't forget to give
them some love on their sites!


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Sunday, August 14, 2011


A cute collage I put together from Adam's set.

adam storyboard

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adam-Senior 2012

Adam's senior pictures were taken on one of the
hottest days of the year...or at least it felt that
way. He suffered thru it (how many guys LIKE getting
their pictures taken?) and remained in good spirits.
Hope they like what we came away with! ;)










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