Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hidden gem

Found this one in a folder today. Not sure how I
missed place it or overlooked it, as it is my new
favorite picture of him!


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flowers or weeds?

I happened to have my camera with me the other day
when I ran an errand. I noticed heading into town that
the thistle's were blooming and made note of several nice
ones to get a picture of on my way back. I also noticed
these weird flowers blooming and I have no idea what
they are, but they are kind of cool looking. Good thing
I was shooting from the car (after stopping in the
middle of the road), because the No Trespassing sign
looked real serious! ;)



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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I think Mother Nature went on vacation and left us to
deal with the weather! It's been cold and rainy for a week
and I've seen the sun all of 10 minutes the whole time. It
sure feels like March 18 and not May 18th for sure! But we
start warming back up tomorrow, so the end is near. We had
gotten spoiled with the warmer temps...walking late at
night and walking to the park...it's just not happening
when it's cold out. Yes, I am a fair weather girl, period.

I did force myself to walk down the the park a few days ago
when the kids were playing basketball. I found a few things
to take pictures out and even a little surprise.


For display only: These kids will never know the joy of being
flung off the merry-go-round...or getting off and walking in
circles wondering if you were going to throw up.


I think that big kid might have needed oxygen a few times!


Good picture of the "gloomy" days we've had!


Nothing "decent" blooming to take pictures of, so I sat
down on the wet, muddy grass and took some clover pictures.
Who knew I'd catch a teeny, tiny grasshopper on the stem
of the tiny clover flower?! I guess the moral is to never
assume there's nothing out there to photograph because you
might just find something unexpected. :)

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's day was a lovely day spent with my 2
favorite guys...at an airshow. Somehow it ended up
being a day for them...but we had a great time. I
did wake up to some hand made "notes" from Hunter.
One on the computer, one on the couch and one by
the coffee maker. And the kicker was that he got
up about 430am to make them and then went back
to bed! So sweet!

These are a mix of pictures that Maison and I took. Although
his were better of the Thunderbirds, because he had the
camera with the longer lens! Punk! (I was pretty impressed
with his shots though!) I may blow several of them up for
Christmas gifts! ;)


You can see the tiny plane up by the right ear!


Close up of the sky-drawing plane (when it was much closer
to us!





Not a bad location for "free" seats! And under a big
shade tree to boot!







I wouldn't have traded this day for anything!

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I Heart Faces...er...Flowers this week

Entering this in the I ♥ Faces contest this week.


Go check out all the other beautiful submissions!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4th grade field trip

I (bravely) decided to go on the 4th grade field
trip last week. It was a walking tour of Nashville
and the state capital. Wasn't too excited about
riding the bus, but with the price of gas, much less
trying to park up there, I sucked it up. ;) It's
been quite a few years since I rode the bus...and
I don't miss it!

BUT...I'm so glad I didn't miss this trip. What a
great, informative and fun trip. I don't know if
any of the kids learned anything, but I sure did!
And got some rockin pictures!


Arriving...looking back at the capital from
Legislative Plaza.


Hunter with his cool shades!


Statue of Sam Davis..."Boy Hero of the Confederacy!"
And Hunter's favorite story.


TN State Capital...you can't really see the 3 flags
at the top, but the first flag is the U.S. flag, 2nd
is the TN State flag and the 3rd flag is flown when
the legislation is in session. They are in session at
this time.


Fun fact #1: The TN state capital is the only capital
in the U.S. that has 2 bodies buried in it's walls. Cool, huh?!
Fun fact #2: Mr Carmack lead the states prohibition campaign.
Under his statue are the capital tunnels that run from the
legislators offices to the capital. There are 2 tunnels.
Those tunnels were funded by the Jack Daniels family. D'OH!
That was my favorite story!


Side view and you can see the 3 flags. It's one of the
oldest working capitals in the country. And it's one of
a couple (can't remember if it was the only one or if there
were a few) capitals in it's original footprint. Meaning that
no rooms have been added on or taken away since it was built.


Batman building

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Saturday, May 7, 2011


They emerged today...kids thought they were cool...
I thought they were gross! There were at least 50 on 1
mailbox! I put them in a storyboard instead of posting
the individual(gross) pictures! You're welcome! :)


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Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Grandparents...

...and Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I tried to zoom in on Maison, but it's very
pixelated. If you make out the girl on the very
end with a black shirt on, he's 3 down from her and
you can make out his full upper body, unlike the
other 2 boys which you can't really see. I hate
that I've got to get there an hour early to get
good seats, but when you try to cram 7 grades of
parents into a band concert, you do whatcha gotta
do! Hard to believe these are 7th/8th graders! I
don't remember playing pieces this difficult at
that age! (This is the only one I've uploaded
so far, out of the 4 songs they played) :)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sage blooms

Finally found a few minutes to just sit...and
then looked out back and saw my sage had started
to bloom. Pretty light as the sun was setting.


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