Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over the river...

The guys went fishing over the weekend and caught a bunch of fish. They came home so excited about going again on Sunday. Unfortunately they were rained out, but planned on going Monday after school. More rain Monday, but it cleared a enough to head back out after school. As we got closer to the "honey hole", I knew we were in for a lack luster fishing day. I could tell the streams were running high from the rain runoff and turning down the farm road, there was a "road closed" sign. I wasn't worried about the bridge (or cement pad) that crossed the river, because we weren't crossing, but if it was closed, then the river was also high and fishing was going to stink. I was right.



The spillway was overflowing big time! And lots of foam!


Even weeds can be pretty!





This just looks like winter! The top of the spillway and all the white is the foam floating downstream.

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