Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went out of town a few weeks ago...long trip for a short (sorta long) weekend. (Short when you drive 20 hours roundtrip and only spend 3 days there.) But that's how schedules work...and the way school is now, there's NO WAY I'm pulling them from school unless I have too. The last time I did that for a funeral, the amount of makeup work was astranomical. Crazy! Anyway, it was fall break and we went to visit family...and celebrate all 4 of our fall birthdays. :) Hunter got a new fishing pole and tackle box...we had to go try it out!




We took a drive down to Amish country...boy how I wish it had just been the 2 of us. I would have loved to stop along the road for some pictures. Fall was at it's peak. But I didn't want to inconvienence everyone. I did get a kid shot...and something I can't post that I'm going to turn into a Christmas gift! :)


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