Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My God moment...

I thought I'd have a nice, peaceful week, after getting rid of the kids for the week. I've come to accept our horse show break. I don't really like it, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I just have to suck it up. (We start school at the begining of August, go for 2 1/2 weeks and then get out for 11 days thru Labor Day weekend for our local horse how.) It really stinks because you just get back into a routine and then they're out again. Oh well. This year the kids went to visit their uncle and hang out at the lake.

Boy, I got way off track! :) After dropping them off, I realized I was missing some money ($100) from my pocket. Then figured it was just on my nightstand (or the bookshelf where my receipts from the night before were) and I would get it when I got home. But once I got home and could not find it, I realized I must have lost it. Then honey comes home and says someone was in the house while I was gone and while I would hope it wouldn't ever happen, the opportunity "to snag" it was there and it could of happened. I was beyond upset. Upset at myself for either 1) losing it or 2) leaving it out and giving someone the chance to snag it. I called the one store that I stopped at and asked if someone had turned it in. (Really, what are the odds?!) Of course their answer was no, but they took my name and number "just in case." I slept on it and was still upset the next day. So, I went to church and prayed on it. Prayed for forgiveness for myself for losing it and praying for the person that could have taken it.

I decided to leave it in God's hands and what will be, will be. We had a nice Sunday. The weather was beautiful and we took a nice drive. I had heard of this church on a hill somewhere near here, so we went in search of it. (I'll post those pictures tomorrow.) Later in the day, we took a walk around town and the lighting was beautiful. So since Sunday nights are dead in town, I drove back down to take a picture. And right where I parked, I noticed a $1 bill. It was pretty beat up, but I had to laugh. And then I looked over a few feet and saw a crisp $5! (There is no one around that it would belong too. I am the only one around.) God's sense of humor! Was this the "change" left from the $100 that "might have" been snagged from me or just God's sense of humor? I laughed about it because I still didn't want to believe someone would have taken it. (And I would never know because I would never confront the person.) Fast forward to this morning...Tuesday...I'm doing some work and the phone rings. Caller I.D. identifies the caller as Kroger...the grocery store I could have lost it at. Answering the phone, I am told that they found my $100! So maybe the $6 was "interest" while God "borrowed" my $100 for a few days? I don't know, but I couldn't have made up that ending for anything!

UPDATE: It was a couple weeks before we were back in church due to some traveling, but I gave God back his $6! :)


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