Thursday, August 25, 2011

A fish tale...

We spent a few days visiting long distance family
at the lake, before school started. Interesting
visit! Our last day and I had planned on leaving
early, so that we could get home and go "meet the
teachers" before school started Monday. Both kids said
it was ok, they wanted to stay longer. Maison knew who
his teacher was anyway, so it was only Hunter that didn't
know. He's so laid back, that he said he'd just see her
Monday. Alrighty then.

So Hunter went down to the lake to fish. And fish, and
fish...he was down there 3 hours! And from 10am-1pm at
that. And as most people (fishermen) know, that's not
a very active fish time. But his patience won out as I
saw him hoist this fish onto the dock...and it looked
like a good size from the distance I was at. He ran and
got the big cooler sitting down there, chucked the fish
in and then ran back/forth and filled it with water. All
we could do is laugh and watch in amazement! UNTIL...he
tried carting it up the hill! And such a steep hill it is!
So his brother went to help was on wheels at least.
They finally got it up on the deck and you could see how
proud he was of that cat! He said it broke his line 3 times!
I asked him how he caught it though...(typically one of us
has to tie the hook knots)...he says "Momma, I tied a MONSTER
knot!" And there you have it! "And once I had him hooked the
last time, I just started pulling the line in by hand!" That
kid just amazes me! He was not letting it get away again!

So he says he's taking it home...I said I didn't think so.
So his uncle says "Do you want to see how to clean it?" Well
of course he does. Yay for me. He says he's going to take
it home and eat it...I said "No, just leave it here for your
uncle to eat, because I don't even know how to cook it." (I'm
not a big catfish eater...I've had bad/muddy tasting catfish
and can live without it. So he gets instructions on how to
cook it from his Nanny and runs into the house and says...
"Uncle Brett, I'm taking the fish home to eat it, YOU can go
catch your own!" Hahaha...Priceless! So we took it home and
he floured it, added salt/pepper and fried it up.
And would you know, it was the best catfish I have ever had!
Good job Bubba, good job!


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