Saturday, June 4, 2011

My little fisherman / Lake part 1

Had a job up in Kentucky, so we spent the weekend
at the lake. My little fisherman caught a few. First
2 days were freezing (not really, but cool enough for
pants/sweatshirt) and then Mother Nature cranked up the



We...or I should say Thomas...has had a thing with
running into snakes...quite a few this year as a matter
of fact. Rattlers, cottonmouths, etc...not the little
(harmless) garter-type snakes. No, he makes it interesting!
(I think I need to up his life insurance! ;) So why would
going to the lake be any different?! On a side note, it's
illegal in Tennessee to kill ANY snake in the state. Now,
should my tire come in contact with a snake in front of
a cop...someone's going to have to come bail me out,
because I'm not swerving to avoid a snake! ;)



This snake was no joke! It was huge! The turtles
and carp were happy as this snake did not live to tell
his side of the story. (Not on purpose, but I was not
upset about it! The kids swim on this shore!


Early morning light/fishing!

Part 2-Lake life, tomorrow!

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