Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Grandparents...

...and Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I tried to zoom in on Maison, but it's very
pixelated. If you make out the girl on the very
end with a black shirt on, he's 3 down from her and
you can make out his full upper body, unlike the
other 2 boys which you can't really see. I hate
that I've got to get there an hour early to get
good seats, but when you try to cram 7 grades of
parents into a band concert, you do whatcha gotta
do! Hard to believe these are 7th/8th graders! I
don't remember playing pieces this difficult at
that age! (This is the only one I've uploaded
so far, out of the 4 songs they played) :)

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