Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4th grade field trip

I (bravely) decided to go on the 4th grade field
trip last week. It was a walking tour of Nashville
and the state capital. Wasn't too excited about
riding the bus, but with the price of gas, much less
trying to park up there, I sucked it up. ;) It's
been quite a few years since I rode the bus...and
I don't miss it!

BUT...I'm so glad I didn't miss this trip. What a
great, informative and fun trip. I don't know if
any of the kids learned anything, but I sure did!
And got some rockin pictures!


Arriving...looking back at the capital from
Legislative Plaza.


Hunter with his cool shades!


Statue of Sam Davis..."Boy Hero of the Confederacy!"
And Hunter's favorite story.


TN State can't really see the 3 flags
at the top, but the first flag is the U.S. flag, 2nd
is the TN State flag and the 3rd flag is flown when
the legislation is in session. They are in session at
this time.


Fun fact #1: The TN state capital is the only capital
in the U.S. that has 2 bodies buried in it's walls. Cool, huh?!
Fun fact #2: Mr Carmack lead the states prohibition campaign.
Under his statue are the capital tunnels that run from the
legislators offices to the capital. There are 2 tunnels.
Those tunnels were funded by the Jack Daniels family. D'OH!
That was my favorite story!


Side view and you can see the 3 flags. It's one of the
oldest working capitals in the country. And it's one of
a couple (can't remember if it was the only one or if there
were a few) capitals in it's original footprint. Meaning that
no rooms have been added on or taken away since it was built.


Batman building

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