Monday, April 18, 2011


It's been a crazy week trying to paint a few rooms for
someone and also trying to move, so I've not had time to
really think about the events of last Sunday. I dropped
the kids and daddy off to go float the river on a beautiful
day for a few hours, not thinking about anything but a few
peaceful hours to myself. I had a disagreement with the
oldest about wearing a life jacket. WEARING it and keeping
it ZIPPED/SNAPPED, not just "having it on." Daddy had been
on the river the day before and it was running high due to
all the rain we've gotten lately. So there really was no either do it or you don't go. So there was
a little "sulking", but nothing major.

20 minutes after getting home (about 45 minutes after
dropping them), I get a phone call from a number I don't
reconize. "Come get us at Dement Bridge" and he hangs up!
#1 Dement Bridge is NOT where they are supposed to be!
#2 Something happened...BUT he was (somewhat) calm...
I.was.not! Not calling on his cellphone means IT got wet
and if it got wet, they all (probably) got wet. And as
warm as it was out, the water was still incredibly cold!

Arriving at the bridge I HOPED was the right one, there
they were, all 3, safe and sound. A little wet, but safe.
Turns out they got hung up on a tree in some rapids and
it overturned their boat. Daddy knew there were a couple
guys behind them by a few minutes, so he tried to hang
on, but the boat was too heavy and the current too
strong, so he told both boys they were going to have to
let go. Hunter (10) let go first. And I know there's
nothing more terrifying than seeing your baby have to
let go in a strong river. Maison (13) says "Don't
worry Dad, I'll go get him"...and promptly lets go!
It still brings tears to my eyes. They were able to
get to a tree and the guys coming behind them finally
caught up to them and took them into their boat, until
they caught up with their boat, and made their way
out at Dement bridge.

It really made all of our problems seem like little
specks on a without those 3 guys, life means
nothing. I could not be more proud of them. They stayed
calm and did not panic. I know the the boys learned an
invaluble life lesson that jackets SAVE lives.
I don't think they'll every forget that!

I took this picture the day means more now.


Amended: Something that was left out of the story when
it was told to me...the guys that pulled them out were named
"Champion"...and our school mascots are the "Champions"...we
will never move from this area until after the kids are out
of school. Some "signs" you take quite literally! Thank you

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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