Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I dream of...

SPRING! We are waiting for ANOTHER round of
snow...we've only been waiting all day...we had a
taste of spring over the past weekend. Warm and
sunny...heaven! And as we deal with the dreaded
"s" word again, I hear 60 in the forecast again
for this weekend. I'm going to go dream some more.

Sunday was a beautiful day for pictures. The lighting
was lovely and I so wanted to take some portraits.
Unfortunately I had to bribe him to pose for me...
and it cost me $2! The Punk! :)


My favorite lens...wish I was better at manual focus!
Or had enough money to upgrade to the AUTOFOCUS! ;)


Dreamy eyes will be the death of me!


Note to self: Pay attention to your background before
taking the really was too funny to delete though!

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