Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's funny how it drives you nuts if your internet is down
for more than a little while! We've been down almost nonstop
since Sunday. We were up some of Monday and then down again.
And that also means no phone. That doesn't bug me as much as
having no internet. Go figure. It finally came back up last night,
but was still struggling. (Still no phone though.) I can live
with that. (And it's forwarded to my cell.) We'll see what
today brings.

A few chuckles from Christmas...


Not sure what they were discussing, but it looked pretty
intense! :)


Never make funny faces when you sister (and mom) is holding
her camera!

Awesome pictures coming later...I woke up to a foggy wonderland!
Nice time to take a early morning drive after dropping the kiddies
off at school!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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