Saturday, January 15, 2011 wait, horses

I was going to post pictures from sledding, but someone
wants his horsey pictures posted first. :p I'm already
hearing about how sore he is...blah, blah, blah...just like
having kids home all week...I'm tuning them ALL out for the
rest of the long weekend! (Sledding pictures tomorrow) :)


Silly boy...he loves his Christmas cowboy hat too! It's
nice and warm...and smashable! How awesome is that?! Pack
it in the suitcase and it pops right back into shape! Sweet!
No more crying that his hat is out of shape! The boys have
them too, but I have yet to get pictures with them wearing them.


I can just hear them...psst...hey, you dump your guy and
I'll dump mine and we'll go back to the barn and warm up! ;)


I'm still working on adding textures. Not 100% happy with
this one, but it's not too bad.


Three Stooges! That's Big Jim on the left...he's outgrown the
belt, so you have to ride him bareback. Ride on Randy!



Bawhahahaha...this horse made this face everytime I took
it's picture!


This one has not been broken...apparently the low man on
the totem pole is going to draw the short straw...if there
even is a drawing! :)

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