Friday, January 7, 2011

FOG...and barns!

Yesterday we awoke to a winter fog. And goodness was it
thick! Grabbed my camera and dumped the kids at school and
I took a drive. Even found a few surprised along the way. But
I am calling my drive "the barn" drive because most of what
I took pictures of were the barns. They look so cool in the
fog...and then as the sun was peeking out and lighting them
up, it reminded me of, here's hoping spring is
around the corner!


I drive by this barn every day and always plan on stopping...
finally did!


I've gotten this barn before, but never when we've had this
much fog.


It REALLY was foggy!



These 2 barns are down a little country lane that we've all
nicknamed "Rattlesnake Road"...betcha can figure out why?! There's
a beautiful ranch house between where these 2 barns are that has
been foreclosed on because no one will live there anymore...why?...
because the house is INFESTED with rattlers! Think about that the
next time you hear a strange noise!


The fog was lifting and it was giving me great filter color!

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