Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and snowed some more...

We are on day 3 of our snow "holiday". Now mind you,
we JUST went back to school last week from Christmas
break...and I received the call this afternoon..."School
will be closed until Tuesday"...UNTIL TUESDAY?! I had a
case of the vapors. I went to my bed...and hid. I'd still
be hiding there if the little demons (because after 3 days,
they are no longer little darlings, THEY.ARE.DEMONS) wanted
dinner. Lucky for me they had a church activity tonight
and were gone a couple hours. It didn't change my attitude,
and they still came back home. Oh how I am so looking forward
to getting my taxes done on Friday...just to get out of the
house WITHOUT THEM! Betcha didn't think I'd ever say that?!

On that note...let this day end quietly, with a peaceful tomorrow will be a repeat of today...arghhhhhhh!


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