Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebration 2010

Took the boys to see the horses today before they
leave for the rest of the week. I hate Celebration
break, but it was fun to go see the horses.

The Goof!

I think these were 2yr olds. We had just
gotten here and didn't hear the announcements.

This one threw a shoe and they had to fix it

such a bad picture...I really need some low light
arena practice...but this horse SKIPPED, in
addition to high stepping! It was pretty cool!

Motion...pretty cool

So as we were sitting on the other side of the arena,
we noticed these HUGE fans on both sides. They
weren't over the ends where we were sitting. As we
moved around the arena looking at stuff, we sat down
under one of the fans, Maison says "mom, look up at
the fan"...d'oh...guess there's a company for everything!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Luci & Seven

So glad I was able to take these for my neighbor. I know
dealing with a house fire and having to give up your puppy
cannot be easy, so I was glad to be able to help out in a
little way.

Sitting outside...

before it warms up for the day, enjoying my coffee, when
I decide to go get my camera. Not really sure what I'm
taking pictures of, as I've really gotten all the hummingbird
pictures...AND the one I've, what else?! Here's
a few of the "what else"...

Have already gotten a good/better one of these,
but another can't hurt. This one blends
in with the background too much. In my opinion!

I have been trying to get one of these guys for
a while now. They are almost harder to photograph
than a hummingbird. Very hard to get a crisp focus.

A pretty moth

Another hummer...not as good as my other one though.

The cat...that jumped up to grab said hummer...that
scared the bejeezes out me! (He did miss and I sent
him on his merry way!) Well, sorta...he came and
slept under my feet for a while!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

15 years...where did they go?! Seems like yesterday...
and yet, not. Good years, bad years...they all blend
together and average out. They make us stronger...
sometimes. And sometimes they make you want to kill each
other. Maybe just speed bumps...making us slow down and
realize what's important? Who's important...and why?! Here's
to another 50+ years of not killing each other! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Crack!

So one night a while ago (May 12th, I had to look), I
went in to check on the boys. And much to my surprise
(or lack of), Hunter wasn't wearing underwear.

How do I know that, you ask?

Well, (of course), I had to go get my camera.

Ah ha, you say. But he went to bed wearing
jammies, you assume.

And you do assume correct. But...apparently, he was
a touch warm...or uncomfortable...or...whatever...
it made for an awesome picture...but due to my
insecurity on placing a photo of his crack online, I sensored
myself. And STILL laugh every time I scroll my pictures and
happen to glance as it goes wizzing on by! Enjoy!

Thank you Pioneer Woman for giving me the idea and to me
for figuring out how to lasso, cut, copy and save in photoshop!

New Home

So the puppy has left us...daddy cried, mommy didn't
really care and the boys were like "ehh, whatever"...
and went back to shooting guns and saying "I'm bored"
a gazillion times. But before they left, I took some pictures
of all the kids with the dog, Alex with the dog and Michael
and Alex with the dog. Ya think the dog cared?! They turned
great and I put together a collage of them...well, that was after
I put together a collage of my neighbors daughter and the dog
to give to her...and she's sooo gonna cry! (I will post once I
have permission), but it really turned out nice. So, I decided
to do one for Michael...and if he's SMART, he'd ship me some
moola and order up enough to fill his families Christmas stockings
this year! Walaa, easy as pie!

barrel = great prop, but heavy and
hard to lug around to any ol' place...
not to mention I don't have $110
...and no, it's not full!
 But they did drive to Jack Daniels and
bought it there, so it is authentic!

Christmas gifts Michael...come on, support a poor photographer! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dragonflies x 100

I don't know if it's due to the lawn mowing, a little
cooler temps or just the ending of summer, but every
night around dinnertime, the dragonfly's come out. And
I'm not talking 1 or 2...I'm talking 40-50+...they fly too
darn fast to attempt to count! And they are HUGE!
I really can't even get a decent picture of them. But,
what I can take a picture of is my child, trying to shoot
them with an air soft gun! Hilarious...and he has yet to
even come close! Last night he tried a luck!


Mom, you do know they're
mocking me, right?!
Mocking me? Really? He's serious!

I'm gonna get you

Not sure how long this will continue, but I'll keep trying to
get a picture and I'm sure Hunter will give me plenty of
options too!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A week later...

And here I am a week later with no posts. Lame-o. It
was just one of those weeks. And yesterday we said
good-bye to our puppy-visitor that went to his new
home. We were sad to see him go, but he's going to
a good home...and from what I heard on the way to
his new home...there were "multiple" stops because
"we're not going to torture this dog, dad" ...way to go
Alex! And Seven is already spoiled, I'm sure...not that
he didn't leave our house spoiled!

You would think she was vicious, but she really
is a scaredy pants!

Hunter playing ball with the dogs

I wuv you give me the ball!


her tongue's as long as her darn ears!

gonna (sorta) miss you little guy...see you
at Christmas

Monday, August 16, 2010


2 posts in 1 day...Whoo hoo!

Actually I thought I had posted these already, but I realized
that I had so many other pictures, that I almost forgot about
these. We had a whopper of a storm come thru Saturday power for over an hour and a half...NOT COOL!
Ha! Literally! Anyway, after the big storm came through, we
had an amazing cloud display right before sunset. I have not
seen anything like it before. The pinks/greens were really
cool/weird. Just little circles of color. It was an awesome sight!
(You almost have to click on the picture to really see the color