Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My sicky...

I should have listened when I heard "my stomach hurts today",
but like any parent, I figured it would get better. D'OH! I got
the call at 11am..."come get your kid, he's throwing up"
wasn't those exact words, but you got the gist of it! My kids
rarely get sick and for that I am grateful. It must be my payback
from when they were constantly sick when they were in daycare. So
I need to listen when I hear them complaining. :(

So whenever he gets sick, he wants to take a bubble bath. And when
he gets out, he always feels better. Not sure if it's psychological
or if he just feels clean. I won't complain, he always smells better!
I did find out that I've got awesome natural lighting in my bathroom
in the afternoons!


He feels better, but he's got tired eyes.


Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!

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