Monday, December 13, 2010

And then it snowed...

Not sure where the last week has gone...laundry still waiting
to be folded, pictures still needing framed, floors still needing
to be washed...and here it is almost the middle of the month. Did
I sleep through the last week?! Because it just flew by! And now
I'm 5 days away from Christmas break and the kids being home for
the next 2 1/2 weeks...well, scratch that...they're off school
today. :( I'm hoping they go back tomorrow!!!

We had been hearing about the snow coming for the last few days.
It was supposed to start after midnight Saturday night. It didn't.
It started about 12 hours later. And for some reason they did not
brine our roads, so by late afternoon, even though we had less
than an inch, our roads were awful. Coming home from the band concert
was pretty hairy, so I was prepared for the upcoming announcement
that there would not be school on Monday. It's pretty for the day
and then it's time to go...and start praying for school tomorrow!


It's 7am and only MY kids are out in the freezing cold!


Gotta love the kool-aid mustache at 7am!


Even the birds are cold!

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