Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween brings back so many fun, happy memories from my childhood.
Growing up in a small town, with homemade costumes and no fear or
worry about letting your kids have at it. I remember being dropped on the
other side of town in a big neighborhood knowing that at 7pm, we would
all meet up in the center of town and follow a firetruck to the middle
school for drinks and a short movie. Afterwards, we would be picked up
with all our loot and go home...except for the year we were kinda forgotten
and started to walk home...and had to pass a cemetary. As a child, there's
NOTHING scarier than trying to walk past a cemetary on Halloween!
(We were eventually picked up!)

Fast forward to 2010 and add in a little caution...luckily we live in an area
where we feel it's safe enough to let our kids run the neighborhood.
And we can usually hear them before we see them. We also had fun
making the kids costumes this year. I refuse to spend $20+ for a
store bought costume, when I know I can go in their room and come out
with SOMETHING! I spent $0 this year and we came away with The Cat in
the Hat and a Hobo! He found the hat at a garage sale this past summer.
Add some sweats and a trash bag tail...WIN! Mr Hobo expanded a rip
in his jeans, add daddy's flannel shirt, hat and a charcoal face and walaa, instant hobo!


The posse!


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