Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Future photographer...maybe

Still catching up from the holiday weekend. Had I had
my way, our 4 hour drive probably would have taken 6+ hours!
I'm pretty sure he'd get tired of me saying "ohh, there's
a good shot, pull over" every 20 miles! Plus, it's a little
difficult (and dangerous) while on the highway!

My oldest turned 13 on Thanksgiving. He's been waiting (not
so patiently) for a facebook page for almost a year!
Needless to say he was super excited to finally get one.
And I do have to say, he's got his fathers sense of humor!
Some of the things he has posted just crack me up! So, along
with a facebook page comes having a profile picture. He
started with one I had taken and 2 days later took his own. I
do have to say, these are really cool. I like how he played
with the light and tried different things. Good job bubba...
now remember, I will unplug you if I need too!




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