Sunday, October 3, 2010

Worship in the Woods

Maison's Sunday school class was going to Worship in the Woods
and I decided to go along. Hunter came with because
daddy was working and I thought he'd have fun too.
He did...

Maison contemplating the tug-o-war/mud pit!

Taking position near the BACK!

Sidewalk Prophets ROCKED...Hunter wanted
their autograph...kinda hard when they are singing!



  1. So great to see your Blog about Worship In The Woods! I am Melanie Adkins and serve on the ministry team which hosts the event each year. I hope you all enjoyed it and had an opportunity to worship Jesus. Come see us again 9/24/2011. We have some new and exciting plans this year!

  2. BTW, I just noticed that you are a photographer. Do you have any good images of the rally crowd during the event? We are always trying to get good pics for promo purposes and seem to have trouble getting really good ones. If you have some please email me at This post is showing under my daughters email address for some reason. However, the Comcast address is mine. I would really love to hear from you.

  3. I'm sure I do and will forward you what I have.